• 培养孩子学习华文的兴趣。
  • 帮助孩子提高口语表达能力。
  • 寓教于乐,让孩子能活学活用。
  • 增加孩子的词汇量,为日后阅读打基础。
  • 建立孩子的自信心。
  • 培养孩子的好性格和品格(喜乐、分享,善良、耐心、明辨是非、助人、合作等)。



  • Cultivate children’s interest in learning Chinese.
  • Help children improve their verbal communication skills.
  • Teach using fun and engaging methods and help children apply their knowledge in practical ways.
  • Expand children’s vocabulary – laying a solid foundation for reading.
  • Build and boost children’s self-confidence.
  • Inculcate young minds with good values and virtues, such as joy, kindness, patience, ability to distinguish between right and wrong, teamwork, willingness to share and help others.



  • 根据故事内容和情节编写儿歌、歌曲、快板和古诗等,配上音乐让孩子们学习。
  • 模仿角色,通过语言、动作、表情来让孩子们学习故事中的对白和独白。
  • 用游戏的形式,让孩子学习故事中的好词好句。
  • 利用多种形式的道具,调动孩子们参与表演的积极性
  • 以互动的教学方法,让孩子们成为表演的主人。



  • Children learn Chinese the musical way, through songs, musical compositions and movements in allegro tempo, poems and children’s songs, which are written based on story contents.
  • Children role-play and dramatise story dialogues, learning to express themselves verbally, with emotions and body language.
  • Children learn and expand their vocabulary through games.
  • With the use of good varieties of stage props, children are encouraged and motivated to perform.
  • Our interactive teaching and learning methods encourage and empower children to be more than just confident performers. They learn to take ownership, becoming the real stars on stage.



Nursery 1-2 (3 to 4 years old)


We understand the rapid language and vocabulary development in children aged 3-4 years and how active they are as language learners. Our ‘play-based’ teaching approach uses lively songs as well as simple stories and easy-to-learn children’s songs to help children learn Chinese the fun way. Our goals are to help them develop and hone their Chinese oral skills, cultivate their interest in learning the language and build their self-confidence. We have designed and developed special activities for our Nursery 1-2 children, with themes that are based on stories such as小青蛙, 拔萝卜 and小兔乖乖.

Kindergarten 1-2


We have produced scripts for our Kindergarten 1-2 children based on well-known children’s stories such as小熊请客, 蜗牛快递 and小猫钓鱼. The children’s performing activities involve learning simple and easy-to-understand story dialogues combined with musical compositions and movements in allegro tempo, poems, tongue twisters and singing. Such experiences help children to improve their oral skills and build up their word recognition and vocabulary competencies. This is also an excellent way to expose them to works of Chinese literature from an early age.

Primary 1-3


We are on a quest to instil in our students a love for the Chinese language. What better way to start than to help them cultivate an interest in spoken Mandarin? This is in line with the Ministry of Education’s emphasis on building Chinese oral skills as reflected in its latest Chinese syllabus for lower primary. To achieve this, we have created teaching resources that are interesting and highly effective in helping students to improve their oral skills. Most stories are selected from those found in the primary school Chinese textbooks, such as司马光砸缸, 守株待兔 and狐狸和乌鸦. We also provide students with writing practices to enhance their writing skills. Besides helping students raise their oral and writing competencies, our programme helps them lay a solid foundation for the appreciation of Chinese literature.