• 绘本图文并茂,能给孩子们直观、真实的视觉感官。
  • 模仿故事中的词语和句子,促进幼儿口语表达能力的发展。
  • 培养孩子们早期阅读能力,使幼儿产生对华文书籍阅读的兴趣。
  • 动手制作绘本书,增强孩子们的思考及动手能力。
  • 培养孩子们对艺术的欣赏能力。
  • 培养孩子们解决问题及自我管理的能力。
  • 增长孩子们多方面的知识。
  • 培养孩子们良好的性格和品格。


Tapping into Multiple Intelligences

Our programme uses picture books and storytelling to achieve the aim of developing the eight intelligences of children.

  • Picture books offer children multi-sensory experiences. They arouse children’s curiosity and visual sense.
  • Promote children’s oral skill development as they mimic phrases and sentences from stories.
  • Develop children’s early reading skills and cultivate young children’s interest in reading Chinese literature.
  • Craft activities like the handmaking of picture books help children develop basic motor skills and encourage them to think innovatively.
  • Foster art appreciation in children.
  • Develop children’s problem solving and self-management abilities and skills.
  • Expand and enhance children’s general knowledge.
  • Foster good character traits and values in children.