• 培养学生学习华文的兴趣,寓教于乐。
  • 互动式教学,鼓励学生自主学习。
  • 举一反三,让学生活学活用。



  • Teach using fun and engaging methods to cultivate students’ interest in learning Chinese.
  • Teach using an interactive approach, encouraging students to be independent learners.
  • Aim to make connections and inferences in our teaching approach, encouraging students to apply their knowledge in practical ways.



  • 我们的课程紧跟学校课本,带领学生进行预习和复习,以让学生更容易对课本内容及字、词、句的理解,以巩固所学习的内容。
  • 我们为学生提供每课练习,单元练习及考前复习试卷,以让学生更有信心地准备考试。
  • 我们会针对学生的个别情况传授其考试技巧,以协助学生在考试中取得优异的成绩。
  • 小班教学,每班不超过6人。



  • With course content that is up-to-date with the school’s curriculum, we help students in their preparation and revision, as well as in consolidating their learning of textbook content and enhancing their comprehension of Chinese characters, phrases and sentences.
  • To ensure that students are well prepared for exams, we provide them with lesson practices, unit practices and exam review papers.
  • We teach exam skills and techniques that cater to the individual needs of students, ensuring that they achieve the best possible exam results.
  • We offer small group teaching, with not more than six students in a class.


Kindergarten 1-2


We teach Chinese characters, phrases and sentences as well as Hanyu Pinyin using music, children’s songs and manipulatives. This helps to cultivate students’ interest in learning Chinese and lay a good Chinese language foundation for Primary One education.

Primary 1-6

Our course materials, which are up-to-date with the latest syllabus, provide students with practices in the areas of vocabulary building, word recognition, sentence construction, reading comprehension and writing. These practices help students in content mastery and exam preparation, ensuring that they excel in exams.

Secondary 1-4


Based on the latest school exam guidelines, our course provides students with practices in areas such as the basics, email, newspaper report, expository and critique, ensuring that they are well prepared and excel in exams.